Welcome to Lesotho

Soar to new heights in the magical mountain kingdom of Lesotho, an off-the-beaten-path paradise in Africa. Holding the record of the highest low point in the world, Thabana Ntlenyana stands at 11,423 feet tall.

The landscape is legendary, with its highland vistas, golden sandstone cliffs, basaltic peaks, otherworldly rock sculptures and jaw-dropping waterfalls. Go hiking and horseback riding, ski and mountain bike, explore dinosaur footprints from 200 million years ago and mysterious centuries-old rock art. Begin your adventure today.

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Need To Know

Unique Facts

  • Ruled by a constitutional monarchy, Lesotho is one of three remaining kingdoms in Africa.
  • The national dress of Lesotho is the Basotho blanket, known for its colorful patterns and worn as a status symbol and for cultural identification.
  • The highest ski resort in Africa – Afriski – is in Lesotho, sitting at 10,006 feet above sea level.
  • The Basatho hat (mokorotlo) is a conical-shaped headpiece made out of grass and a widely recognized symbol of the country, emblematic of the mountainous landscape.
  • Lesotho is not only one of 45 landlocked countries in the world, but it is one of three enclave countries, the other two being San Marino and Vatican City (both surrounded entirely by Italy).


Lesotho’s official languages are Sotho and English.

When To Go

The best time to go to Lesotho is January to May and August to December.


Moshoeshoe I International Airport

Passport Validity

Passport must be valid at time of entry for three months beyond arrival date.

Visa Required By US Citizen?

None for stays of 180 days or less


The CDC recommends the following vaccine for all travelers when visiting Lesotho: Measles and routine vaccinations. Most travelers should receive Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines. Some travelers should receive the Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever and Rabies vaccines.

Electrical Outlets

Power plugs and sockets: type M. Standard voltage: 220V. Frequency: 50Hz.


Lesotho Loti

Getting Around

The vast majority of Lesotho’s roads are unpaved. There are few rural highways, but even these lack sufficient lane markings, signs, shoulders and guardrails.

Public transportation includes bus and public taxi service, although it is generally overcrowded and not up to adequate safety standards.

Driver’s License

A valid US driver’s license is required.

US Embassy Info

U.S. Embassy Maseru
254 Kingsway Avenue
Maseru 100, Lesotho
Telephone: +(266) 2231-2666
Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(266) 5888-4035
Fax: +(266) 2231-0116

Local Visitor Info

Tourist Information Office
Tel: 2231 2427

Local Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance: 108
Police: 100
Fire: 101

Safety and Security

The crime rate is high in Lesotho. Remain vigilant at all times. Violence has occured in broad daylight. Crime is most prevalent in urban areas. Use extra caution when walking through downtown Maseru. Avoid traveling at night due to limited street lighting. Take extra caution at the Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport – a required transit point for air travel to Lesotho – as the baggage area is a target for theft.

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