Welcome to Sudan

From the ancient heart of the Napata Kingdom to the gilded mosques of Suakin, from the bustling Souq Arabi in Khartoum to the long-legged North African ostriches of Dinder National Park, Sudan is full of surprises.

Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the Sudanese hospitality and open your eyes to its treasures. Snorkel the biodiverse reefs of Sanganeb National Park. Head to the Red Sea coast and trek to Jebel Danaieb. And travel back in time in Naqa, home to haunting temples and worship houses.

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Need To Know

Unique Facts

  • There are 530 miles of coastline, with plentiful beaches, in Sudan.
  • There are four national parks and two marine national parks in Sudan.
  • The Pyramids of Meroe are one of the country’s top tourist attractions. They were built by the Meroitic Pharaohs around 500 BC.
  • The important archaeological sites of Gebel Barkal and the sites of the Napatan Region are within Sudan.
  • Sudan is the world’s largest producer of gum arabic, from acacia trees, which can be used as glue on stamps or in sweet foods and carbonated drinks.


Sudan’s official languages are Arabic and English.

When To Go

The best time to go to Sudan is between December and February. It is uncomfortably hot from May to September.


Khartoum International Airport

Passport Validity

Passport must be valid for six months beyond arrival date.

Visa Required By US Citizen?



The CDC recommends the following vaccine for all travelers when visiting Sudan: Measles and routine vaccinations. Most travelers should receive Hepatitis A, Malaria and Typhoid vaccines. Depending on where you are traveling, you may also need Cholera, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, Yellow Fever and Rabies vaccines.

Electrical Outlets

Power plugs and sockets: types C and D. Standard voltage: 230V. Frequency: 50Hz.


Official local currency: Sudanese Pound

Getting Around

The road network has grown in Sudan as of late.

Bus routes are available from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa and to the Ethiopian border and Port Sudan. Taxis are available. They are not metered so agree on a fare ahead of time. A local train system connects Wadi Halfa to Khartoum.

Driver’s License

An international driving permit is required.

US Embassy Info

US Embassy Khartoum
PO Box 699
Kilo 10, Soba
Khartoum, Sudan
Tel: 249-187-0-22000

Local Emergency Phone Numbers

General Emergency: 999

Safety and Security

The crime rate is high in Sudan, including kidnapping, armed robbery and carjacking.

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