Welcome to Algeria

Popular with European travelers as much for its convenience as for its cultural charms, Algeria is home to the legendary Saharan region, cosmopolitan cities, ancient Ottoman and Roman ruins and snow-capped mountains.

In Algiers, climb the walls of the Casbah citadel for a panoramic view of the city. Explore the surrounding alleyways and inner courtyards with a local guide. Browse world-class museums, from the National Museum of Fine Arts to the National Museum of Antiquities.

Stop by the Dar Hassan Pacha mansion, with its impressive manuscripts and calligraphy by North African and Middle Eastern artists. In Oran, feel the cultural melting pot of Islamic, Haussmann and Spanish influences and gaze out at the sparkling Bay of Algiers from the Rosalcazar fortress in the Spanish Quarter.

Even more so than the magical sites and mystical landscapes, you’ll fall in love with the warm and hospitable Algerian people, who enthusiastically welcome you to their treasured land.

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Need To Know

Unique Facts

  • The shopping boulevards of Algiers have been a window shopper’s favorite since colonial times. Today, shop for wonderfully odd gifts, antiques, used books, clothing, shoes and more along Rue Didouche, Mourad, Place Audin and Rue d’Isly.
  • Algeria clocks in at 919,595 square miles and the Sahara Desert covers four-fifths of this area. More than 90 percent of the population lives along the coast.
  • Be sure to pick up some cherries and dates while you’re in Algeria. The dates are considered some of the best in the world. It’s typical to be greeted as a visitor with an offering of dates and milk.
  • The national dish of Algeria is couscous. Locals help harvest the grain and then feast together in celebration during La Touiza.
  • Tassili National Park, also called the Plateau of the Rivers, contains many prehistoric rock drawing and Neolithic-era archaeological sites.


Algeria’s official language is Arabic.

When To Go

The best times to go to Algeria are April and March, and October and November, when the days are cool and sunny.


Houari Boumediene Airport, Algiers

Passport Validity

Passport must be valid at time of entry for six months beyond arrival date.

Visa Required By US Citizen?

Yes, unless entering by cruise ship


The CDC recommends the following vaccines for most travelers when visiting Algeria: Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Depending on where you are traveling, you may also need Hepatitis B, Cholera, Malaria, Rabies and Yellow Fever vaccines.

Electrical Outlets

Power plugs and sockets: types C and F. Standard voltage: 230V. Frequency: 50Hz.


Official local currency: Dinar

Getting Around

Algeria’s roads are poorly maintained and lack roadway signage.

Public transportation options include safe and reliable trains between cities in the coastal regions. A new urban railway in Algiers runs along the coast and is safe and reliable. There can be petty crime on buses, and often the vehicles are not well maintained, so weigh the risks when traveling by bus or a taxi hailed on the street. Consider using the radio-dispatch taxis within Algiers and the taxi-hailing app Yassir.

Driver’s License

An international driving permit is required.

US Embassy Info

U.S. Embassy Algiers
5 Chemin Cheikh Bachir Ibrahimi,
16030 Algiers
Telephone: +(213) 770-08-2000
Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(213) 770-08-2200
Fax: 0770-08-2299

Local Visitor Info

Office National du Tourisme
2 rue Smail Kerrar
1600, Algiers, Algeria
Tel: 21-713-060

Local Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance: 213
Police: 17
Tourist Police: 1548
Fire: 14

Safety and Security

Avoid travel in remote areas in southern and eastern Algeria due to a high threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping.

The crime rate in Algeria is moderate. Petty theft and home burglary occur frequently in low income areas, and occasionally in affluent neighborhoods. Theft of contents and parts from parked cars, pickpocketing, theft on public transportation, theft from hotel rooms and purse snatching can occur.

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