Welcome to Mozambique

While it may be well off your radar, Mozambique is full of tropical treasures. Miles of coastline, ample snorkeling and diving in turquoise Indian Ocean water, swaying palms and white-sand beaches – it’s a daydream come to life.

Plus, there’s the colonial-style architecture, great nightlife in Maputo, remote villages and off-the-beaten-path savannahs and baobab forests of the Rift Valley, all offering rewarding cultural immersion and adventure. Oh, and you can see your fair share of African wildlife here, too, from gazelles to elephants.

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Need To Know

Unique Facts

  • Here’s a fun fact: If you spelled it out in Scrabble tiles, Mozambique would score more than any other one-word country name in the world.
  • Mozambique boasts almost 1,750 kilometers of coastline. Quirimbas National Park, in the north, includes 11 islands and beautiful coral reefs.
  • There are 98 airports in Mozambique, yet only 21 of them have paved runways.
  • There are more than 40 local languages spoken in Mozambique.
  • Chinhamapere Hill has been a culturally important site since the Iron Age and showcases well-preserved hunter-gatherer rock art paintings thought to be of around 8,000 years old.


Mozambique’s official language is Portuguese.

When To Go

The best time to go to Mozambique is from April to September. The best time to view humpback whales is between July and October.


Maputo International Airport

Passport Validity

Passport must be valid for six months beyond arrival date.

Visa Required By US Citizen?



The CDC recommends the following vaccines for most travelers when visiting Mozambique: Hepatitis A, Malaria and Typhoid. Depending on where you are traveling, you may also need Hepatitis B, Cholera, Yellow Fever and Rabies vaccines.

Electrical Outlets

Power plugs and sockets: types C, F and M. Standard voltage: 220V. Frequency: 50Hz.


Official local currency: Mozambican Metical

Getting Around

Road conditions vary in Mozambique. The EN4 toll road between Maputo and South Africa is well maintained. The roads that connect provincial capitals are in fair condition.

There is not a well-maintained public transportation network in Mozambique. Buses operate between major towns. Collective taxis, or chapas, operate in rural areas.

Driver’s License

A temporary driver’s license is required.

US Embassy Info

U.S. Embassy Maputo
Avenida Kenneth Kaunda, 193
Maputo, Mozambique
Telephone: +(258) 21-49-2797
Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(258) 21-49-0723
Fax: +(258) 21-49-0448

Local Emergency Phone Numbers

General Emergency: 197
Fire: 198
Police: 199

Safety and Security

The crime rate is moderate in Mozambique, particularly in Maputo and secondary cities. Street crimes, including mugging, purse snatching and pickpocketing, are the most common.

Do not drive outside the city after dark.

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